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Best practices for online direct sale

Have you recently seen a surge of direct sales business’s pop up on your newsfeed on TikTok? Are you a person who has invested into a direct sales company and wants to grow their business on TikTok? Well here I am to give you my formula for success. This is how I grew my business on TikTok with less then 5 thousand followers. And you can too!

direct sales business on tiktok boost your sales and recruits with this formula to success

Direct Sales Niche Marketing

First, you have to choose a niche, which most people already know this but I am going to talk about it again real quick. It’s important.

Your niche is you subject, but its just a bit deeper then that. Your niche needs to be specific. You can be in the fitness market. But more spefically who are your products for? Are they for busy moms who stay at home all day? Are they for fruggle folks who are looking to pay down debt but still get a good at home workout in?

Maybe you are in the Jewelry business like me and you sell to consumers who love mystery jewelry. Your niche is going to need to relate back to the products you sell, but it also needs to be something you can make content on. If you are more into building your business, you could have a profile thats niche is based on working from home and building your own business. The freedoms that allows!

Or lets just say you cannot figure out a niche, what do you? Research. Research niches and find one that reasonates with you and build on that. I have a list of popular niches here. All though these are for bloggers they pretty much work for any thing.

TikTok Algorithm

Once you have chosen your niche for your direct sales business your next step is to post post post. Tiktok loves users who post often and frequently. It’s almost a full time job thinking about cool content you can create to help you grow. But once you think of a list of ideas you can make them over and over and get better and better.

No one really has the exact formula on how to get onto TikToks Algorithm. Truth is the information I am giving you is 100% based on my own success and even though my success is currently small. For my direct sales business it’s amazing. I have recieved some if not all of my customers directly through Tiktok . They are loyal and they shop from me almost every time I go live which is a lot.

I recommend challenging yourself to post 3-5 videos per day for 30 days using at least 5 hashtags related to your content. This will allow you to figure out what your viewers like and what they want to continue to see. It seems hard, but trust me those random shopping trip posts or posts using your products are going to bring you loyal and new customers daily.

And thats the key to getting on the algorithm. You’ll also want to follow trends that are popping up on your for you page. This is will be key to your success. You want to recreate popular videos and relate them back to your niche. Use popular sounds. Do popular funny dances. Get on trend and relate it back to your niche. This is what will get you like and followers.

Btw, follow me on TikTok.

Direct Sales Parties via Live events

Once you reach 1000 followers on TikTok you can start going live. This is key to your business. Throwing parties live is going to get you new customers and sales. And get people interested in your business and possibly wanting to join. Tiktok is a very visual platform so for this to work you have the have the products to show. If possible stock on hand that they can buy directly from you and you can ship out right away.

This might be hard for some more pricey products your business offers, but this is truely a game changer. Even if you could just buy one of each item to show it off on your lives that’ll help you get sales.

But how do you get sales. Simple. You tell them to go to your site and order. You have to ask for the order. But you also want to be informative and fun. You want to be different then your competition and you want to stick out. I am not clicking on a video with a boring background of someone looking down at their computer or phone.

So smile. Be attentive. And be attractive. Get this party set up as if you were in person. Dress nice, do your hair, and makeup. And put on your a-game face.

Within the first 30 seconds of being live you need to be showing your products and talking asking for the sale. That means you need to make a commercial. Practice it and act it out right when the timer counts down and you go live.

You do direct sales. So you are directly selling your merchadise from your company to that person. So don’t be nervous to ask for a sale. And don’t be nervous to show off your products. Get to know your products and really practice selling them and answering all question ahead of time.

Creating a Sale Schedule

Lastly, it’s important to mention posting and going live on a schedule. All though research shows posting at certain times during the day on tik tok doesn’t matter. Anytime is the right time. As your audience gets to know you they will expect to see you around the same times everyday.

With that said, go live at the same times everyday, and post as often around the same times that you can everyday. If you have a full time job outside of your direct sales business this may be hard. But make sure you make a schedule and stick to it.

You can always post before and after work and before bed time. Then go live early mornings or late at nights instead of during the days. I will say I have gotten a lot better traction with my views and tiktok pushing more people to my page when I go live late at night. Late nights are tiktoks soft spot. I am not sure why or what that means but if you can go live after midnight I would definitley recommend that.

direct sales:how to grow your business on tiktok

Direct Sales and Tiktok Conclusions

Find a niche, create a schedule, post as much as you can, and do live parties as often as you can. That is the key to success for your direct sales business on TikTok. Using this formula and doing yourself a 30 day challenge as I previously suggested will boost your sales, recruitments, and help you promote and earn your bonuses.

This is my keys to reaching my goals during fast start. And I crushed them and then some. I wish I would have took this more seriously straight out the jump because this has changed my business dramatically.

Peace love and happy sales!

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