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Building successful relationships is the most important part of your direct sales business. Without relationship building your business will fail and you will not move forward. Building relationships is easier then you think and I have some tips of the trade. I’ve learned these tricks and I am hoping they will suit you well.

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Building Relationships: Finding a Sponsor

Sometimes your direct upline will not be your sponsor. Do you understand what I mean when I say this? Sometimes people are really good at recruiting. But really bad at sponsoring.

You can recruit all day but if you don’t have the skills a leader posses you won’t produce a successful team.

If you’ve ever signed up for a direct sales company and have failed. You most likely blamed your upline for lack of communication and training.

While this may be true, the truth is that building relationships or the lack of really caused your failure. So if you have an upline who is MIA. You should take it upon yourself to find someone else to “sponsor,” you and be there for you.

This person will be a born leader and once you meet them they will take you under their wing and it’ll be like god sent them to you to help you. Don’t miss out on this relationship.

While building relationshuips with leader who are your direct upline you should stay profession and try to be more like a friend. They will be willing to help you out and it’ll be a friend/leader all in one bundle.

Building a team!

Building a team is hard, but the people you want on your team are people who are interested in the same things you are but also people who understand the business building aspect. These people need to be goal orientated and not scared to build a presence online.

Sometimes you’ll find someone with true potential but they don’t have any idea on how to build their business.

Part of building a team means you make trainings and good point videos with your team keeping them up to date about changes and about things going on in your organization.

Most inspiring you should share a motivational text or gif everyday in your group chats. Which you should start a group chat with your team even when they are very little.

I started a team chat when my team very first started just with one person. It will grow slowly but it will be a place where everyone can ask questions. This could be something as simple as starting a group chat in teams.

Getting your grind on with your friends is a great feeling. You will enjoy doing this so do this but be helpful and genuine when building relationships.

Building Relationships 101

Be genuine. Try to be courteous. Be energetic. bring yourself as a bundle of positive energy. And more importantly be uniquely you.

Genuine <- being uniquely you. authentic.

Courteous <- always polite and uses good manners.

Energetic <- brings forth the energy in the group. gets everyone pumped.

Positive Energy <- always. (period).

Be You <- but for real. you are uniquely you so lets see it.

In real life examples….

Building relationships is going to be your biggest blessings because it will make your circle bigger but also give you access to more and more people.

  1. If invited to an event you should make time to go (if reasonable.)
  2. Attend as many virtual events that you can.
  3. Be genuine and courteous of others and share your honest opinions.
  4. Be humble and energetic and bring forth a positive energy in the room at all times.
  5. Be excited to meet new people.
  6. Be your best at all times as much as you can be.

Being an adult and making friends can be hard you always have your guard up and you don’t know who is really your friend or not. But the expectation that everyone is going to like you and be nice to you doesn’t matter. You’ll learn to engage in a professional but friendly manner.

Practice Something

Start doing something every day to get better at.

If you are trying to network with other business owners that do things you do check out LinkedIn or even check out Facebook.

Add people and network, just like a few posts and interact with them on social media. This will create the first interaction and the first way you can get out in front of them.

Get more familiar with social media and who you need to interact with and interact with them. Make content that works for them and make time to get to know them.

Do this everyday for twenty minutes a day and do this everyday until you can do this for hours at a time. Eventually you’ll be able to do this throughout the day while you are working. And or doing household things.

Whatever you do, get some practice in and do it.

Give an elevator pitch on what you do and how you want to help people.

When you first interact with people you want them to get something of value from you. Whether they decide to continue the conversation or not. You don’t want to pitch a direct invitation to your initial offer but you want to offer something good that you can come back to eventually.

This is where good content creation comes in because you want to create content that really sends the message you want and to connect with people quick.

Therefor, the first 15 seconds of your video should be a quick introduction to get people hooked. To watch the rest of your video.

This will help you get better likes and comments and this will be what people remember. Now if they watch the entire video, good for them. But you want them to connect and really understand what it is you want them to know.

Examples of Relationship Building:

Adding people to your social media accounts.

Creating content that inspires them to take action.

Giving someone your business card and telling them to add you on social media.

Sending a quick message checking in and asking them how they are doing.

Talk to people on live streams.

Join small business locally and online through facebook and other social media accounts.

Conclusions on Building Relationships

Building relationships in direct sales is some of the most important relationships you will have. These can be household customers, retail customers, and even associates. Get to know your upline, downlines, and everyone in between. Create those groups and be a team.

Lastly, be creative and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

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