9 Profitable Tips for Busy Moms to Make Money Blogging

Are you a stay at home mom whose looking to start blogging? Unsure is you want to start a blog? Well I am here to tell you my 9 secrets to creating an income by blogging in 2023. I started my blog in March of this year and I am already at about 10k monthly views. And it’s just now starting out. I decided to shift my gears and tell others how I’ve had success. And in hopes I hope you decide to do the same.

Blogging in 2023

Back in the early 2000s when the internet was booming is was easy for people to come online, make blogs, and start making money. But in 2023 it’s different. You have to put forth the time and effort to get it all started. And you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

You got to learn social media sites like pinterest and TikTok. You have to be where the people are. If you are not willing to step out your comfort zone, you’ll never make money blogging. But that’s just one part to the whole deal. I am going to share with you today 9 Profitable Tips on how busy moms, like me. Can make money blogging.

Tip 1: Just Do It

It may come as a surprise to you but by just starting a blog, your already ten steps ahead of the competition. Many people want to blog but only few actually do it. Getting started isn’t as complicated as it seems.

First, you need to get a website. This is easy and can be pretty affordable if you do it correctly. You do not need to spend a ton of money on creating your site if you’re just now starting out.

I recommend IONOS. It is the hosting site I use and it’s easy and quick and you can buy today and start today. For just a few dollars, I am pretty sure it’s less then $25 for your first year to start blogging.

I have a referal link you can check that out here for IONOS.

Tip 2: Choose a Niche that’s specific

I know you’ve heard it before but choosing your niche is important. Your niche could be within the weight loss field, but how will you stand out? Do you make smoothies for healthy weight loss and want to share recipes? Do you know how to loose weight quickly with restrictive dieting? Maybe you follow a diet like weight watchers or atkins. Or maybe you’re wanting to become a lifestyle blogger. Are you a single mother with tips about budgeting for your family?

Whatever the case may be you need to niche it down so specifically so that way you can create your base content from that. Once you’ve done that. Then you can create content regarding other things within that niche. But you want to wait and make as much content as you can on your original niche before branching out.

It’s actually easier than you think. I have a couple of tips and tricks I am going to share over the next few days on how you can easily create a ton of content fast for your niche. It just takes some time to sit and plan. If you’re planner you’ll love these next tips.

Tip 3: Blogging for Profit not for Fun

I’ve seen a lot of people say you should blog for your own personally fun before you decide to monetize your blog. Well I am here to say that, that notion is bogus. You should monetize your blog from day one. The way you do this is by signing up for Amazon Associates and other beginner monetization sites and referral programs from day one.

By doing this you are setting the notice to your audience of what to expect. You don’t want to have no ads one day and then randomly a million ads. No, that will overwhelm everybody including yourself.

Now, if you hate writing then maybe you should begin for fun so that way you can get used to creating content. But, if you don’t mind writing and researching things then monetize from day one.

Tip 4: Find something you love that’s trending.

If you’re lifestyle blogger or a fashion blogger it may be harder to stand out in the crowd. The best way to get your content seen and seen fast is to start with items that are trending. On TikTok right now you can google trending topics and a bunch of things will come up. Start there and start right now. This will help you create trending content both on your blog and social media sites.

The reason you want to do this is because it will help you gain followers and fast. Once, you hit 1000 followers on TikTok you can go live and that’s where the magic happens.

I recommend checking out my blog post here on why you need TikTok for your business. After you read that post come back here. I am going to have a course go live in July, you should subscribe so you can get updates about that. Tiktok is bound to take you to the next level. Trust me.

The main reason you should post trending content is because more people are likely to come across it which will help you build you first readership to your blog.

Tip 5: Collect Emails Right Away

Collecting emails isn’t as hard as it seems. You can use websites like MailerLite to create beautiful pop ups for your site to start collecting emails right away.

Once you create those emails, you should automate a newsletter to be sent out every week to keep people coming back. It doesn’t have to be complicated it can be something simple that just showcases what you’ve posted throughout the week. Because you want them to keep coming back you need to write about the things that got them there in the first place. Which is why I recommend finding your niche before starting.

Finding your niche is everything. Later this week I am going to compile a list of niches, you’ll need to subscribe so that you don’t miss that.

Tip 6: Find Companies and Products to become Affiliates for

When you are choosing your niche, I hoped you picked something that you can make content for and promote the products. This is easy, if you sign up for Amazon Affiliates. You may have not bought the product from there but it’s a good way to promote the products you use. Another way is to look up the company site and see if they have an affiliate program or a referral program. If they do sign up!

When you get that affiliate link drop it in each and every post. Don’t forget to add your affiliate disclosure to keep compliant.

This is one of the fastest ways to earn commissions as a blogger. It may just be pennies. But pennies add up. And it costs the person nothing extra for you to get paid. They simply click your link or use your code and then you get paid. Now, every program has a different payout schedule so you might be waiting for this. But it’s a perfectly great way to start earning money through your blog.

Tip 7: Make a Prioritized To Do List

Being a mom I am sure you are super busy throughout the day. But guess what? I have a newborn and I am able to make time to do this. How, you might ask? Because every night I make a prioritized to do list the day before. This helps me stay super productive the next day and I highly recommend it.

Basically, you make a to do list of all the things you need to do. Then you number then out and rank them based on your measure of priority. Then you set aside time and make a rough draft of the times you will do all these things.

I pretty much know my schedule day by day and so does my child. When starting a new routine it’s good to stick with it and form a habit. It only takes 21 days to form a habit. It may be hard at first, but keep doing it and it will eventually stick.

What I love the most about having a younger child right now. I can turn on Ms Rachels youtube channel and put my baby in her swing or in her bouncer. She will quietly watch as I work and that’s amazing.

Find activities that your child or children can do on their own with minimal supervisor. Pull out your laptop and get to work.

Your first 30 days blogging are crucial and I’ll tell you why in the next steps.

Tip 8: Blogging for success!

What I love about blogging is that I determine my success. Whatever I want it to be I make it happen. But How? Well you need a formula. You need a way to get people to your content and read. And then you need a way to make them buy.

You need a product. Making products isn’t as hard as you think. You can make downloadable products for your blog like an eBook or a printable and sale it to people through a sales tunnel. Additionally, you can create online courses through many of different sites and create content to get them three.

But how do you tell people about these products? Through social media. That’s why it’s important to become an authority in your niche on social media. This way, people will more likely buy from you if they think it’ll be worth their time.

I use TikTok and Pinterest as my social media for advertising my blog. I haven’t started creating content specifically for my blog on TikTok but I have a following on their that I make blog post about. For example, I became “popular” because of my WaterTok videos. So I create blog content about different recipes I try and I link my WaterTok tiktok videos into the post.

I then share on my pinterest the posts I create on my blog and hopefully that’ll get them to my TikTok where they will follow for more inspiration.

Right now I am blogging about create content on TikTok and on blogging so I will most likely create a separate TikTok where I showcase that content. It’s something in the making. But Pinterest and Google are your biggest supporters while blogging.

That’s why researching your keywords are important because google will help people get to your page based off what they google. Which are keywords. I use the tailwind app because they have an AI creator tool that helps me pick and choose good keywords which helps me create trending materials.

Tip 9: Create Online Products

E-Books are a huge like. Printables, Calendars, Merch, and many other things are just examples of products you can make and sell on your website. You can also sell live sessions, if you’re coach or a tarot card reader. There are so many creative products you can easily make within a couple hours of time and put for sale on your website.

Personally, I like e-products because you can make it once and people can purchase over and over. There is no stock to keep up with.

Your first products may not be perfect but thats okay it’s somewhere to start.

I use Canva to create my online products and I sell them as downloadable pdfs. Once they purchase it’s automatically emailed to them. You can set this up easily with the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website.

9 Profitable Tips for Busy Moms to Make Money Blogging

There you have it 9 profitable tips for you busy moms to start making money by blogging. I hope this blog post found you well and that you take some of my tips into consideration. Remember standing out in the crowd is most important so by finding your niche you can develop great content and products.

Try find something no one else is doing or little people are doing. This will help you hone into the niche space and help you stick out.

Remember to check back to this blog often for updates and more ways to make money online by blogging. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon, thanks for reading!

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