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5 ingredients you need to create loaded teas at home

Let me guess, like many people out there you run to your favorite tea shop to buy that healthy loaded tea you need as a pick me up in the mornings? Don’t get me wrong I am all about natural energy that’s why I love loaded teas! They are a healthier alternative to Starbucks coffee drinks but they can get quite expensive if you aren’t making them from home.

There are simple ingredients that you can buy for your home to make and create the best testing loaded teas out there. If you like the Herbalife loaded teas or the Boba Shops teas than you’ll love making these at home and saving yourself $10 a day.

Today I’m going to share with you my top 5 ingredients that you need to make you some nice loaded teas at home and it’s super simple. You can also follow me on Tiktok to see how I make myself a loaded tea everyday!

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5 Ingredients You Need for Healthy Loaded Teas at Home

To create healthy loaded teas at home you first need a good tea base. I prefer a natural green tea such as the 4C Light Green Tea with Honey but you can use just about any type of green tea or black tea out there to make your base. Your starting flavor.

I linked below my favorite green tea which is the 4C green tea with honey and it is an amazon link so if you purchase it, it will help me out.

4C Light Green Tea with Honey

The first thing I do to make my healthy loaded teas is I mix this tea with about 4 oz of hot water and I give it a stir I then add the next two ingredients that I’m going to talk about to the mixture before I place it into my 24 oz tumblr or cup.

Guarana Powder: Teas with Energy Boost

When making yourself a good load of healthy energy throughout the day consider adding Guarana Powder to your Healthy Loaded Tea. Guarana Powder is a natural brazilin energy supplement that comes in an reddish orange dirt color that is super easy to find at Amazon or at your local health supermarket like a whole foods.

One scoop gives you 220 mg of good natural clean energy from caffeine. I love this product because it is unflavored and it dissolves quickly into warm water. It doesn’t have any weird after tastes and it REALLY works.

Once I add my tea I add a scoop of this and it makes a world of a difference. I have been most productive after drinking this mix. If you could only buy one of the additives mentioned here I would buy this one first. Plus you get 100 servings in one container.

At the low cost of $14 that’s about 6 cents per serving which if you added this into your tea. Anywhere else they probably charge you $1 or more sometimes.

Add Some “Beauty” to your Healthy Loaded Teas

Have you ever head the phrase, ” Would you like to add beauty to your drink?” They are referring to collagen. Collagen has many benefits including but not limited to help your hair, skin, and nails. It has antiaging factors in it.

When you add it to your drink you are not only increasing your vitamins intake but your increasing your “beauty.”

The way I found to add this beautiful product to my healthy loaded teas is by adding collagen. The one I like is by Vital Proteins. It’s tasteless and leaves no aftertaste and it dissolves quickly into your warm water tea solution.

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All though more expensive you get a TON of servings from one container especially if you use a smaller scoop. I use about 1/2 a serving in each loaded tea that I drink and I think it’ll last about 100 drinks. This comes out to a cost of about $0.43 a serving which isn’t bad. Considering if you got this anywhere else it would cost you about triple that.

Adding beauty to your tea isn’t hard and there are a lot of brands out there selling different versions of this. Last night at Walmart I saw a brand I believe it was Oly that had a flavored one of these, didn’t have as many servings but it would do the trick and it is a cheaper alternative if you need it.

Once you’ve mixed this with your warm mixture of tea and guarana powder pour in into an empty tumblr at the bottom, then fill the entire cup up with ice.

Digestive Health Added Into Your Healthy Loaded Tea

Aloe Vera is my ultimate favorite product to add to my tea, it’s virtually tasteless and I just pour about 2 oz of it over my ice to include it into my drinks. Aloe Vera helps with your gut and your digestive health as well as gives your skin that extra moisture that we all need coming summer time. It has a lot of other benefits including hydration but you can research that if you want but you wont regret purchasing this.

You can also purchase this at Walmart if you don’t have access to that check out the amazon link above. The pack of two is a cheaper way to get it and you’ll get the original and the berry flavor. Both are really good.

Add some Flavors!

Lastly, you need to add some flavors to your drinks. If you haven’t already check out my WaterTok schedule to see when I’ll be making loaded waters you can turn any of those loaded waters into a healthy loaded tea.

I love to add in drink mixes and a couple of squirts of syrups to make it really flavorful. Of course, I only buy the sugar free ones. Make sure you check the package before you buy to make sure they are sugar free. There’s a ton of sugar free flavors you can buy on the skinny mixes website so before you buy anywhere else check them out first. I am not an affiliate of Skinny Mixes I just love there products.

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In a seperate water bottle I usually mix up one or two packets of the drink flavorings. And pour it over the top of my Tea Mixture with Ice. Stir it up and it makes a wonderful drink. After that, go in and add my pumps of my sugar free syrups.

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I bought this 4 pack when I first got started making loaded drinks and it’s lasted this long. I really love it you should check them out.

Healthy Loaded Teas at Home

I hope you found this post helpful and useful on your journey to saving money and making your own teas. I enjoyed creating this post for you to help you out. At anytime if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to me by email at taylor@iamtaylormicheal.com. Healthy loaded teas at home aren’t just about saving money. It’s about finding things that you can make that are healthy and make you feel better overall.

I wouldn’t post anything or recommend any products if I haven’t tried them personally and truly believed in their benefits. I love making Healthy Loaded Teas almost as much as I love drinking them. It’s be a real blessing to be able to create this amazing content and share it with like minded people.

Until we meet again!

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